These are a few of my favorite {sewing} things…

     On a whim, I decided to start this blog to share my sewing projects and miscellaneous tips I’ve picked up on my sewing journey. Honestly, other than a point turner and a buttonhole cutter, I had never really branched out into the world of sewing notions until recently. So I decided to share a few of the things that make my life easier!


Sewing Buttonhole Cutter– I just found out my mom uses a seam ripper for cutting buttonholes but I’ve had this little guy since I took a beginning sewing class at The Smocking Bird like ten years ago.

  1. Glass-head pins–make ironing your garments with pins a breeze without having to worry about melting
  2. Gingher 6-inch Double Curved scissors– a tip from one of my favorite digitizers to keep your fabric super neat when you do the sweet vintage stitch appliqués
  3. Sewline Glue Pen–hands down my FAVORITE. THING. EVER. Use it for piping peter pan collars and NO PINS needed. Washes out with water💦
  4. Dritz Button Gauge/Point Turner –speaks for itself, makes those corners pop
  5. Gingher shears–any and all of them. I have about 5 different pair and I love every single one of them.
  6. Tensisters Piping Tool–allows you to cut your piping OR entredeaux at 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, or 5/8″. Honestly I live in the middle of nowhere and this gadget saves me the struggle of trying to match pre-made piping to outfits.
  7. Mark-B-Gone marking pen– the best marking pen that actually doesn’t mysteriously reappear after washing/ironing
  8. Mettler Web Bond  Temporary Adhesive– my favorite spray for floating shirts/fabric for machine embroidery
  9. Last but not least–multiple seam rippers–because we all make mistakes and you can NEVER find one when you need it!

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